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SSMDG Classicsracer

Sport Compact Car Championship 2022

A Turbocharged Battle!

The SSMDG Classicracer Sport Compact Car Championship is a sprint race championship that includes sport compact cars from

Ford, Honda, Renault and Volkswagen tuned to 340hp with approximately 1,080kg base weight.

There are twenty-four 55km sprint races over eight championship rounds held at circuits in America, Asia and Europe.

SSMDG race management determines the Balance of Performance according to the Driver's Level and their race performance to ensure close racing.

The championship is open to all levels of racers, from FIA Gran Turismo drivers to new drivers to virtual racing. SSMDG has a great Driver's Level system to ensure all levels of drivers can mix in the race.


About the SSMD Group

SSMDG Gran Turismo Championship

The history of the SSMDG Gran Turismo Championship dates back to 2009, in the Gran Turismo 5 era, when 14 drivers based in Hong Kong battled out various championships for two years. However, as many of the drivers started their families, the racing had put to a pause.

Fast forward to August 2018, when the founder of the championship,
Franco Wong and Bem Ho connected again and gathered the drivers to launch the SSMD Group Gran Turismo Championship. The championship started with nine drivers to now 32 drivers and still growing.

Each season has a different Championship theme, from Touring Car Race, Japanese Performance, Cayman Cup, Integra Cup, GT4 Championship, MX-5 Cup, JDM 280 Battle, John Cooper Cup, Classicsracer Sports Cup, Zoom Car Life Civic Cup, Classicsracer V8 Challenge, Classicsracer Italia Cup, Classicsracer Trophée Sportive, Classicsracer 86 Supercup and the current Classicsracer Sport Compact Car Champsionship races.

Each season has eight rounds, and we race one round of three races every fortnight. There is a qualifying race to fight for the final 16 grid slots.

Since we have different skill levels drivers, we rank each driver in SSMDG Driver's Level in Gold, Silver, Green, Blue and Dark Blue according to their experience in Gran Turismo and Average Score per Attended Race (ASPAR) in SSMDG Gran Turismo Championship.

According to the Lap Analysis of each race, we will apply a unique Balance of Performance system to the driver for closer racing. Furthermore, to ensure the race is fair for everyone, we apply SSMDG Race Regulations to cover the ones missed by the Gran Turismo AI system.

It is great to see the championship growing by the month, and we look forward to seeing more friends joining us.

Lastly, we would like to say THANK YOU to our Championship sponsors.

Castle Australia


Fuchs Silkolene


Gtech Oil Additives

Koo Sport Suspension
Musketeers Motorsports Services

P&P Garage

Reflections HK

Rocket Battery

SIM RACE Product


Zoom Car Life

Official Partners

Thank you for your support!

Appreciation to our sponsors for supporting SSMDG Gran Turismo Championship
and e-Motorsports in Hong Kong.


Driving a car around a racetrack is like a science. You have to understand the forces at work.

Jason Plato

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Want to Race?

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SSMD Group always looking for new drivers to join the championship. We accept all level of drivers to enjoy great racing.

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